Hotels today offer a lot more than a place to rest your weary head. Weddings, conferences, conventions and events of all types are a lucrative source of income beyond the accommodation aspect of the business.

To make the most of your events space, you need furniture that fits. Luckily for you, Jollies’ Commercial Furniture are here to make finding it easy.


 Hotels And Event Furniture 

People pick your hotel for their wedding, convention or other event because it stands out from the crowd. Perhaps you’ve got that refined classic elegance, that minimalist sheen or that eclectic charm- whatever it is, your hotel epitomizes it.

Your events furniture should too.

What to look for in your hotel’s event furniture

There are a few things that are common to any commercial concern’s event furniture needs: cost, storability, robustness and looks. No matter where in the events industry your company is positioned, those four features are always going to be your main considerations when it comes to your furniture.

Which of the 4 your company should place most emphasis on depends on exactly what services you offer. Restaurants just don’t have to worry about storability in the same way a marquee hire company does.

For hotels, we’d suggest that the order of importance goes something like: looks, robustness, storability then price. Let’s break them down.


The way your hotel looks is its lifeblood and your event furniture is a vital part of that.

Finding event furniture that fits your hotel’s vibe is every bit as important as any other aspect of your décor. An industrial table will look out of place in a grand Elizabethan hall and delicately carved wooden chairs will stand out like sore thumbs amongst the space-age look.

You want your guests to be totally immersed in your event and sympathetically chosen furniture is an important element.

Luckily, with Jollies’ you have access to a stunning range of event furniture to fit any hotel.

What If I Can’t Find The Perfect Fit? 

As we said, your hotel is unique and sometimes, that means you need some unique furniture to fit. We work directly with the manufactures and have great relationships across the industry, meaning that if we don’t stock it, we can probably find it for you.

On the rare occasions that we can’t, we can leverage our relationships with the manufacturers to get you a great price on a customised order.

But Trends Keep Changing… 

Of course, fashion shifts like the wind. What’s chic this season is gauche the next and it might be twenty years before it crosses over into ‘classic’ territory…

Luckily, we can offer some phenomenal deals on part-exchange, letting you refresh for less and keeping your look looking on trend and your guests Instagram accounts on fleek.


As an events space, you have to expect your furniture to be able to stand up to a bit of a beating from time to time.

Events furniture is a major investment for any host and perhaps even more so for hoteliers than most.

Guests having a good time aren’t always the most careful of people, and even if they’re all always on their absolute best behaviour, the simple act of moving and storing and unpacking your tables and chairs week-in, week-out will eventually take its toll.

That’s why every item we stock has been designed with the rigours of the events industry in mind. We don’t want your furniture wearing out any more than you do after all- we’ve got a reputation to maintain.


Events, just like hotels, come in all shapes and sizes. It’s vanishingly unlikely that you’ll need all your tables for every single wedding or every chair for every event.

That means that you have to consider how best to maximise your venue’s storage efficiency- space is, after all, a vital part of your product and space that’s being used to store things isn’t being used to entertain guests.

As experts in the event furniture industry, we know that what happens to the furniture when it’s not in use is every bit as important as when it is. With our range of folding and stackable furniture, we’ve got you covered.


While we may have ranked cost last in our little list for hoteliers, we know it’s always a major thought for any business, especially at the moment.

While most hotels favour value over costs, you want your furniture to earn its keep as quickly as possible and that’s why we work to keep our prices down and pass those savings on to you:

  • We work directly with manufacturers, cutting out the middlemen, keeping our base costs lower, meaning we can offer great prices as a baseline.
  • If you’re looking for a refresh, we offer trade-in deals on your old furniture. We take the hassle out of selling or scrapping old stock and use it to offer some great part-exchange discounts. It’s easier, greener and it could save you a tidy sum.
  • If you’re ordering a large quantity of furniture, our package deals might just be ideal. We can offer some deep discounts on bulk-buys.

The Key To Great Hotel Event Furniture 

No matter the style of your hotel or the nature of the events you host, working with Jollies Commercial Furniture means that you’ve got real experts in the furniture field on your side.

We’ve got more than a decade of expertise in finding the right fit for any space and we can bring all that to bear on your behalf, leveraging our knowledge of the market to find you the furniture you need at the best prices.


Reach out and Let Jollies help make your vision a reality.

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