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As the owner of a marquee company its probable you need furniture to be aesthetically pleasing and robust just like any events venue, but, thanks to the mobile nature of your business, you need it to be easy to store and move too – we get it, there’s a lot to balance.


And then there’s price – you’re running a business and need a great return on investment, the furniture to pay for itself as soon as possible so it can start generating profit.

We understand your needs and we’re here to help you find the furniture that hits all those points – tried and tested event furniture that will withstand the rigors of the events industry and provide you with an exceptional ROI.


How Jollies can help:


Fashions Change, Your Stock Has Be Able To Too 

When you cater to events, especially weddings, you’ve got to keep up with the latest trends. You always have to hit the right aesthetic notes, but let’s face it, they’re a moving target at the best of times. One week it’s chromes and velvet, next it’s wood and embroidery.

And then there’s those who don’t want to follow the trends, they want to set them…

It’s exhausting.

Instagram is both a blessing and a curse for those of us in the events industry. While it’s great to see what your competitors are offering, it does mean there’s a definite air of “keeping up with the Joneses” too and the internet has given your customers a lot more “Joneses” to chase.

Keeping abreast with the latest looks can be exhausting.

Why not consider a part exchange with Jollies’ and save on a full refresh of your furniture stock.

With our wide range of stock and our competitive prices (we source direct from the manufacturers so we can offer you more for less) there’s no excuse for not being Insta-worthy at every event.


Robust Doesn’t Mean Heavy

Event furniture has to be able to stand up to a lot of abuse, especially in the marquee hire sector.

Not only will it have to support hundreds of people sitting on it, it’ll be dragged around to make space on the dance floor, stacked and shipped and stored and generally put through its paces on a regular basis.

Of course, you’re also going to have to move it and store it between jobs so there’s a bit of a balancing act going on between stackable, storable, sturdy and shiftable (the 4 ‘S’s of marquee hire furniture).

While you may think you’ll have to compromise somewhere, we’ve got the expertise and stock to guide you through it so that you can hit all 4 of those ‘S’s and look good while doing it.

Our furniture manufacturers specialise in event furniture, we’ve been working with them for over 10 years and know we can rely on them to supply you with furniture that will withstand the rigours of the hire industry.


Getting Your Money’s Worth

We get it, your furniture is one the biggest costs you have when setting up a marquee hire company.

The temptation can be to go for either almost “disposable” furniture and minimise the initial outlay or go entirely the other way and prioritize sturdiness over everything else.

It goes without saying that opting for cheap and flimsy quickly becomes a false economy, but spending too much means that your return on investment is going to be delayed.

This conundrum is part of why we started offering our part exchange deals, so not only do you not have to compromise between cost and quality, you’re never stuck with furniture that’s not earning its keep.

And then there’s our event furniture packages. We offer set furniture packages and bespoke furniture packages, both options are a great way of making even more savings on your event furniture.


Mobility Is Key

While many venues don’t really have to worry about storage and portability in their furniture, the same can’t be said for marquee hire companies.

Because your big tent can be pitched almost anywhere, you need furniture that won’t break your back while unloading it. At the same time, you’ll need it to fit in the back of the truck again at the end of the day too.

While you may be forgiven for thinking that means compromising somewhere, we’re here to make sure that that isn’t the case.

The ideal marquee furniture is light-weight, robust, either folds or stacks neatly away and looks great while doing it- get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through our selection of chairs and tables that do all these things and more.


Balancing Your Needs Is Possible

There has to be some happy middle ground, surely?

Luckily, Jollies’ specialize in helping you find that perfect meeting point between cost, form, function and robustness.

If you’re not sure exactly where that happy crossover is for you, give us a call and we can talk you through it.

With our years of experience catering to the marquee hire industry, we’ve got the knowledge and the range of stock to meet and exceed your needs. All it takes is a call or an email to get started.


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