Would you like new furniture for your business but can’t face the prospect of what to do with your existing furniture?

We get it – not only is there the time and effort that goes into selecting your new event furniture, you have to work out what to do with the old stock too, then there’s a lot of work involved in selling it, hefty fees for scrapping it and finally you have to co-ordinate your old furniture going and your new furniture arriving

What if there was an easier, more convenient and cheaper way of replacing your event furniture?

Luckily there is – our recently launched part exchange service could be just the answer. We can now offer part exchange on chairs, tables and any other event furniture that you may be looking to replace, saving you money, time and hassle.

Why Consider A Part Exchange Deal?

1.Save Money

It can be tempting to put off replacing your existing event furniture. It’s a considerable expense for any business after all, but replacing your event furniture can work wonders for any venue. If only there was a way to get that boost while saving some cash… now there is….

When you part exchange your old event furniture with Jollies’ we can offer a part exchange price for your existing furniture. This price is then taken off the cost of your new event furniture from us – and this is on top of our already very competitive prices.

So not only do you get the new furniture that your guests and customers will love, you can save money in the process.

On top of the trade in discount on your new furniture, part exchanging with us can save you in other ways too…

2. Cut Waste While You Cut Costs

While it might be tempting to just think about dumping your old event furniture when it’s time for a refresh for the sake of ease, there are a few reasons that this is rarely a good idea.

Furniture isn’t usually very easy to recycle, so if your business is looking to cut down on waste and boost your green credentials (and who isn’t?) then trading in might just be for you.

Even if the environmental argument isn’t for you, dealing with commercial waste is an expensive business- a venue’s worth of furniture is bulky, heavy and hard to recycle, so scrapping it will set you back.

Rather than sending your old event furniture to landfill and paying for waste disposal by weight, Jollies Commercial Furniture will take your old stock, clean and restore it and then sell it on. When the next owner is done with it, we’ll do it again.

Not only does this cyclical model allow us to offer some pretty deep discounts, even on brand new stock, it’s great for the environment too- after all it’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

3. It’s Easier Than Finding A Reliable Buyer

Picture the scene- you’re hours away from setting up for your biggest event of the season. Your new furniture has arrived but the people buying your old stock haven’t shown up to collect. Space is at a premium and you’re starting to panic. Where are you going to put it all?

If you decide to sell it on, you have to find a buyer and that always comes with its own set of issues.

Anyone who’s ever bought or sold anything on the secondhand market online knows how annoying and time consuming a task that can be (no, we won’t accept a fiver for it!).

Wouldn’t your time be better spent planning your next event?

Even if you can find someone to take your old furniture off your hands, furniture can be bulky. Are they going to be able to arrange collection before you need the space for something else?

We can collect anything which you’re part exchanging at the same time that we deliver your new furniture, saving you the hassle of having to coordinate between shipping companies and buyers or finding space for two sets of furniture.

Unless it’s not convenient for you we always plan for the furniture exchange to take place at the same time – we deliver your new furniture and take your old furniture away in the same van.

How It Works 

Part exchanging your event furniture is much like part exchanging on a new car.

Much like the choice of new cars; we offer a huge range of event furniture that can be customized to meet your requirements. Your business is unique, we’re here to supply the furniture that’s right for you.

Firstly, get in touch to discuss your requirements, let us know what furniture you require; we’ll be on hand to advise and assist.

Next, let us know about your existing furniture and what condition it’s in (photos are always a good idea).

Once we know the furniture you need and the furniture you’d like to part exchange we’ll work out how much we can offer for your existing then take that sum off your possible order.  This will all be put into a clear, itemised quotation with no hidden fees or charges.

When we deliver your new event furniture, our driver will also take your part exchange stock back to our warehouse with him, meaning you’re not stuck dealing with storage issues or having to find a shipping company to access the best deals.

The result is that you get your new event furniture delivered, your old furniture hauled away and you save a tidy sum on the whole process.

It really is that simple – no hidden fees, no catches; just great value for our customers.

 How Much Will I Save With A Part Exchange? 

While the convenience and environmental concerns are without a doubt worth taking into consideration, we know you’re trying to run a business and it’s the bottom line that talks loudest.

So, just how much could you save with a part exchange on your event furniture?

How much your part exchange is worth comes down to a few factors:

  • Condition: as we aim to resell as much as possible, the better the condition, the more we can offer.
  • Quantity: The more stock you can exchange, the more discount we can offer.
  • Model: naturally, we can offer better savings on higher quality goods or furniture which is particularly popular.

We weigh up every deal on its own merits before coming up with a bespoke quote for each and every trade-in.

Part exchange is worth considering even if you only have a small quantity to trade- a discount is a discount after all and there are still very significant savings to be made versus scrapping or storing your old event furniture too.

Find Out What Jollies Commercial Furniture Can Do For You Today 

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