We believe that furniture should be produced in a responsible manner.


To ensure this happens we deal directly with our trusted manufacturers, we don’t use middlemen or wholesalers—so we know exactly how and where our furniture has been produced.

Audited and approved only

We only work with manufacturers who are audited to the organisations we have aligned ourselves with—amfori BSCI and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). These auditors assess the factories we are working with against a rigorous checklist to ensure they are taking steps to improve the working conditions of their factories and the lives of their workers. These criteria also apply to the supply chains they use to bring our products to market.

It’s our responsibility

We have working relationships with factories across the world, places where the cost of raw materials, machinery and labour are much lower than in this country. They might also have lower legal standards when it comes to safety and the fair treatment and conditions of workers. This does not mean we have to agree to lowering our standards.

The workers who provide us with our products should be afforded the same safeties and protections which we take for granted in the UK. By taking social responsibility for these conditions, we want to make sure that the workers who make our products are treated fairly and earn a living wage for the skilled work they do.

Working with Amorfi BSC to safeguard positive change

To ensure visibility over our network of manufacturing sites, we have partnered with an organisation which has a global reach and a clear and consistent approach to driving improvements. Through identification of best practices and information sharing, as well as a thorough auditing process, we feel Amorfi BSC is the best organisation to ensure everyone associated with Jollies Commercial Furniture conforms to continuous improvement in their ethical business practices.

Amorfi BSC assess business partners against adherence to the following 11 principles.

1: The rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

2: No Discrimination

3: Fair Remuneration

4: Decent Working Hours

5: Occupational Health and Safety

6: No Child Labour

7: Special Protection for Young Workers

8: No Precarious Employment

9: No Bonded Labour

10: Protection of the Environment

11: Ethical Business Behaviour

They achieve their excellent results through collaboration—forging long term strategic partnerships with a diverse range of organisations and governments. We are proud to work with Amfori BSC, learning from them to ensure long lasting and equitable support for those who create our furniture.

Ensuring sustainably sourced timber

In addition to aligning ourselves with businesses which value and protect the rights of their workers, we also want to take responsibility for sustainable practices in the growth and management of the forests from which our wood furniture is made. In order to achieve that we require all our furniture manufacturers provide certification proving they adhere to the Forest Stewardship Council’s Standard for chain of custody.

FSC is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. This system allows the tracking of FSC certified material from the forest to the consumer and also enables manufacturers and traders to demonstrate that the timber they are using comes from a forest responsibly managed in adherence to the FSC’s principles and criteria.

By conforming to FSC’s CoC requirements we are able to display their logo on our product labels, giving you the confidence that through Jollies, you are helping to protect the world’s forests’ and ensuring they are still around for generations to come.

More information on the FSC and it’s chain of custody can be found at https://fsc.org/en/chain-of-custody

The only way we can do business

In this day and age, we know that there is a lot of visibility for companies and how they do business. We have enjoyed great success in a business we love and which gives us enormous satisfaction and we are fortunate enough to be in a position where we can make decisions for the right reasons, not to make the most money. It can be easy to make lots of claims about how a business is run, but when it comes to responsibly manufacturing it is something everyone at Jollies feels very passionate about.

We enjoy being able to communicate directly to our furniture factories. It is only right that we treat everyone who works for us, whether that is directly or indirectly, in the same manner. We feel the methods we have put in place hold us accountable and give the very best safeguards to ensuring that people are treated fairly. We will continue to monitor and improve our processes to ensure this will only improve.

When buying from us, you can be assured that we act in an ethical and responsible manner—whether that is in regard to people or the trees which give clean air to our planet.

Here at Jollies we are determined to operate in a responsible manner, both socially and ethically.