For every order you place with Jollies, we will help plant 5 trees.

Wood is such a common, reliable material we could never imagine it running out. But rapid deforestation and the devastating effects of climate change show us that appreciation and protection of our trees and woodland could not be more important, for the planet and its people. We use wood in some of our products because it offers a hard-wearing and beautiful surface, but we don’t take it for granted.

That’s why Jollies have made a commitment, in partnership with Eden Reforestation projects, to plant at least five trees for every order we receive. Not only is this an undertaking to protect the environment but it provides fair employment for people living in communities which have seen the worst effects of deforestation.

The Problem

  • Since 1990, more than 150 million hectares, an area twice the size of Texas, have been lost to deforestation.
  • The world still loses 18 million acres of woodland and forestry every year—to put it in context, that is roughly the size of 11 million football pitches—every year.
  • Human-caused CO2 emissions account for about 36 gigatons a year—to put that is context, just 1 gigaton is the equivalent of 3 million 747 jets.
  • 12 percent of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions come from deforestation
  • Agriculture is the biggest cause of deforestation, followed by logging, wildfires, and overgrazing


Why reforestation?

Trees are the best natural method of reversing climate change—as they grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and lock in emissions which would otherwise cause continued ecological damage and further fuel global warming. They literally breathe life into the world—removing CO2 from the atmosphere and returning oxygen through the natural process of photosynthesis.

Restoring forests also creates habitats for many species, including those that are endangered. Forests help to filtering heavy rainfall and runoff from our waterways preventing the dispersal of pollutants and reducing flood risk which we have all seem the devastating evidence of in recent years. Trees help to prevent erosion from wind and water and produce many products that are essential to our daily lives.

For these reasons reforesting has been recognised as the way to reduce climate change and start to reverse the dangerous trends we have seen. The UK’s commitment to net-zero by 2050 involves a sustained increase in tree planting, which could result in an additional 20 million trees planted by 2050. These trees could retain approximately an extra 300,000 tonnes of carbon each year.


Working with Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden works alongside locals in Kenya, Haiti, Mozambique, Nepal, Indonesia and Madagascar among others to produce, plant, and protect millions of trees every month.

They work hand-in-hand with communities to restore not just forest but a way of life—offering a living wage and consistent employment and vital training in the continued care and protection of the forests they are growing. It is not enough to simply plant trees, they need to then be nurtured and protected over many years to ensure that their continued growth will continue to remove carbon from the atmosphere. This not-for-profit organisation and its associated projects amount to nearly 1 million new trees planted every single day and are projected to produce, plant and protect 2.25 billion trees by the end of 2023—a quite astonishing feat.

Help nurture the green shoots of recovery

We know our customers are concerned about acting in a more sustainable manner, one that gives back to the world and starts to address the dangers of climate change. Which is why we are delighted to work with Eden to increase tree numbers and reduce carbon emissions.

We understand that as one person it can feel utterly helpless to try to make changes which can have a significant effect on the world, but we also know that manufacturing and industry must take a large part of the responsibility for repair, just as it has been largely responsible for the damage. If we can replenish woodland at a faster rate than we are using it, we will be helping reduce carbon emissions naturally and supporting the local communities that have been so affected by these practices.

With every furniture purchase made through Jollies, you can be sure you are doing your bit to help rebuild forests and communities and enable our planet to breath fresh air again.


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