Bespoke Service

All our customers are unique, our goal is to supply all our customers with the furniture that meets their individual requirements. 

With years of experience supplying furniture to the hospitality and events industries we understand that customers requirements can be unique and in some cases the furniture that we stock may be close but not quite right. Fortunately we have a  network of trusted manufacturers who we deal with directly – these relationships allow us to modify orders and create bespoke furniture to meet our customers requirements. Here’s answers to a few commonly asked questions about our bespoke service: 


What type of customisations can be achieved? 

The areas where we can customise generally fall into the following categories – colour, size, finish, arms and backs.

Colour – much of our furniture can be supplied in different colours, this includes seat pads and table tops. 

Size – a lot of our furniture can be produced in different sizes on request.

Arms & backs – certain styles of chair or stool can be produced with/without arms and with different height of backrest. 

Finish – some furniture can be produced with either a matt, mid sheen or high sheen finish.


Are there minimum order requirements? 

Yes in most cases minimum order requirements will be required – the minimum order requirements vary depending on the furniture. Once we know your requirements we will be able to advise further on the minimum order requirements. 


How long will the furniture take to arrive?

As bespoke orders are made to order there will be a few week wait whilst the furniture is made and delivered to our warehouse. The wait time for bespoke orders will vary depending on the style furniture and quantity, once we know your requirements we will be able to provide an accurate wait time. 


What next?

Get in touch – you can either drop us a message giving as many details as possible about the furniture you require including quantities and when you need the furniture by if you are working to a timescale or give us call to run through your requirements over the phone.