Focus on – Beechwood Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs have quite rightly earned there place as one of the most popular styles of chair for the hospitality and events industries – here are a few reasons why they remain so popular. 


Lightweight yet sturdy

One of the main reasons why chiavari chairs have become a mainstay for the hospitality and events industries is that they are both lightweight yet sturdy. Chiavari chairs are easy to lift and being stackable makes them easy to move, transport or store when not in use. Cared for correctly chiavari chairs can last for many years and provide an exceptional return on investment. 


Choice of colours

Nowadays chiavari chairs are available in a wide range of colours, we offer ten colours for our customers to choose from. 


Excellent return on investment


Elegance & Sophistication

Chiavari chairs strike the perfect balance between naturalness and elegance, not overly ornate and certainly not plain. With there natural elegance chiavari chairs really do look great as they are. Whilst standard banqueting chairs are reliant on chair covers or other decor to make them look good chiavari chairs really are perfect as they are.



Gives your room an open feel

Standard hotel banqueting chairs or chair covers provide a block of colour which can suffocate space and make a room look cluttered. The open design of chiavari chairs means that they have the opposite effect and really do open up rooms.



With over 10 years experience supplying chiavari chairs to customers including hotels, wedding venues, marquee and furniture hire companies we are here to ensure our customers get high quality chiavari chairs that are right for their business.